The Russians have a lot of money to spend, – Musienko explaining the situation of the Bil Girsky and the Golden

About tse 24 channel rozpovіv kerіvnik to the Center for Viysk-legal research Oleksandr Musienko.

important They fired, try the enemy to control Girsk and beat the attack: smut against the General Staff of the ZSU

Vіn having said that a bunch of Russian troops collapsed on Popasna, then they could not take Gіrske and Zolota, even “they broke their teeth about them.” There, the Ukrainian military trimals gave an effort to the enemy. The stinks have beaten a lot of storms of the Russian military and you have recognized the great losses on their direct routes.

The stench (Ukrainian Viysk – Channel 24) appeared, if Russia added additional reserves, and also threw more additional forces. The stench understood what is really necessary for this, aby to go away,
– rozpoviv Oleksandr Musienko.

“Russian soldiers came out of the way to Toshkivka – there the stench tried to cut the Ukrainian forces on the highway to Lisychansk. explaining Musienko.

For yoga words, usvіdomlyuyuchi vsі risiki, bulo priynyat correctly prіshennya, scho our forces may at once see. It is necessary, so as not to spend in otchennya.

“It’s like a last thing, my Bachimo, that the Russian troops broke through there. Stinks take control, close the road, as if leading to Lysichansk. The most important ones are those who don’t have a “cauldron” and sharpened – which have disappeared,” Oleksandr Musienko said.

What is the situation in Donbas: the rest of the news

  • The British rozvіdka told that the occupants were able to get 5 kilometers away into the bay of Lysychansk and zahopili kіlka settlements. The MVS vvazhayut, scho narazi the threat of otochennya Lysichansk is even higher.
  • Russian occupiers continue accumulate forces at the Skhodі Ukraine. To that very fact, the Ukrainian government recommends that the mists deprive the unsafe settlements. Sergiy Gaidai, an honorary officer of the Lugansk Regional Vein Administration, spoke about this. Vіn voicing that the Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine are stalking the enemy for all the passing of the enemy, there will be no such unacceptable “surprise” for our defenders.
  • Russian occupation in Mariupol changed tactics transfer control. Most of the forces of the stench were thrown from place to other lines.

Before those – Gaidai about the promotion of Russian reserves: marvel at the video

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