The Russian Federation keeps 16 Caliber and 14 warships with boats at the ready

The urgency of the threat of missile strikes means that air raid alerts should not be ignored.

Ukrainians were also reminded of the importance of air raid signals / REUTERS photo

RF keeps ready 16 “Caliber” and 14 warships with boats. Three large landing ships (VDK) of the invaders are on duty.

This is stated in the new summary from the Operational Command “Pivden”.

“The ship groups of the enemy fleet consist of 14 warships and boats. The place of their maneuvering remains in missile-safe areas. While two missile carriers keep 16 Calibers at the ready, and three VDKs are on duty,” the OK said.

Ukrainians were also reminded of the importance of air raid warnings. They cannot be ignored, because the threat of missile strikes remains topical. It is important to follow the rules of two walls and clearly filter out propaganda statements, because they are all fake. The OK “Pivden” urge Ukrainians to trust only reliable sources and defense forces.

“Do not help the enemy and do not interfere with our defenders. Together we will win! Everything will be Ukraine!” added the Operational Command.

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Earlier, UNIAN already reported that in the south of Ukraine, our defenders destroyed another 32 Russians.

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