The Russian economy was predicted that it would avoid a consumer disaster

There will be no consumer collapse in Russia, although the level of consumption in 2022 will decrease for at least six months. About this to the correspondent IA REGNUM On June 24, said the director of the Center for Macroeconomic Research of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Evgeny Balatsky.

“The consumer confidence index, calculated by Rosstat and reflecting the aggregate consumer expectations of the population of the Russian Federation, in the II quarter of 2022 fell immediately by 10 percentage points, dropping to minus 31%, Balatsky said. — This is the lowest value of the index since the first quarter of 2015 (then it was minus 32%). How can this be explained?

According to Balatsky, the start of a special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine launched…

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