The resource is far from exhausted. US expects announcements of new arms supplies to Ukraine at Ramstein-3 – Ukrainian news, Politics

The United States is awaiting further announcements about the supply of weapons and equipment to Ukraine during a meeting on Wednesday of representatives of almost 50 countries in the Ramstein format. This was stated today by a senior representative of the US Department of Defense, reports CNN.

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Russia is strengthening its position in the Donbass. Ukrainian officials say that without an influx of new weapons, it will be increasingly difficult to stop Russia’s gradual advance or retake occupied territories.

“We hear what they say, we absolutely hear what they say,” the Pentagon official said.

He did not elaborate on which countries would announce the new aid packages and what they would include, but noted that the US was “working very closely” with other countries to find out what the Ukrainian Armed Forces needed and find those systems to send.

The official also did not say whether the US would announce a new aid package, but said the US presidential administration Joe Biden already working on the next package.

“It’s a constant drumbeat because it’s a constant battle with ever-changing exigencies,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

Formerly USA sent for Ukraine, four HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Now a group of Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to handle them. According to a US official, the systems will “soon” arrive in Ukraine.

He said that the US and its allies have a significant amount of equipment that can be sent to Ukraine.

“We have far from exhausted the resource and multilateral assistance in ensuring the security of the territory of Ukraine in this battle,” the official said.

  • Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak declaredthat the result of the third meeting in the Ramstein format should be an increase in the supply of heavy weapons and operational training of the Ukrainian military, “everything else is perceived by the enemy as weakness.”

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