The prosecutor’s office recognized as unlawful the stamp about “betrayal” in the military ID of a contract soldier

The Ryazan military prosecutor’s office recognized as unlawful the stamp about “betrayal”, which put on a military ID to Private Zakhar Kukareko for refusing to participate in hostilities in Ukraine, and made a submission to the commander of unit 41450. About this informed lawyer and human rights activist Maxim Grebenyuk in his telegram channel “Military Ombudsman”.

“The arguments set out in your appeal were confirmed in the course of the inspection conducted by the prosecutor’s office,” the prosecutor’s office said in a response to Grebenyuk.

In addition, according to the lawyer, on August 3, a court hearing will be held on the claim of the dismissed contractor with a demand to challenge the setting of the stamp. It is assumed that the defendant will have to justify his decision to enter the data “Prone to betrayal, lies and deceit” in the plaintiff’s military ID.

The meetings are held behind closed doors at the request of the defendant’s representative, regiment commander, guard Colonel Roman Borsuka. He pointed out that journalists and listeners should not be allowed into the hall, since “secret information” is called there. Grebenyuk said that initially the next meeting was scheduled for August 2, but the defendant asked to be postponed, since Airborne Forces Day falls on this date.

About the first meeting of the lawyer spokethat he did not hear a reasoned position on the part of the defendant about the reasons for setting the stamp of betrayal.

“All my legal arguments and legal questions were broken into answers in the spirit of “We need to read the charter more”, “You don’t love your Motherland much”, “Because of the gladiolus” and the like. I had to reformulate my questions several times in order to hear at least some legally significant answers,” Grebenyuk wrote in the Military Ombudsman channel.

Zakhar Kukareko is a native of Bryansk. He told publication that in 2020-2021 he served as a conscript in the signal troops in Chekhov near Moscow, and on February 28 signed a contract for service in the Ryazan Airborne Regiment. After spending seven months on a business trip in Syria, he was counting on the rehabilitation leave he was entitled to by law, but they decided to send him to Ukraine. When Kukareko refused, he was fired with a seal of betrayal. Because of this seal, the young man could not get a job at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The Telegram channel “War against Fakes” published a photo of Kukareko’s military ID with the mentioned stamp, sayingthat “such seals do not exist in official bodies associated with the armed forces of Russia.” This message was republished official telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense.

Grebenyuk shared his experience (he himself worked as a military prosecutor for 10 years), notingthat only once in all this time was he faced with making a hazing entry in a military ID. According to him, the commander of the unit eventually received an idea from the prosecutor’s office and ordered to redo the document.

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