The prosecutor’s office legally ordered the mayor’s office of Nizhny Tagil to install ramps in nursing homes

The Sverdlovsk Regional Court ordered the administration of Nizhny Tagil to provide ramps for houses where wheelchair users live. The execution of the decision is controlled by the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office of the Leninsky district conducted an inspection to create an accessible environment for people with limited mobility in Nizhny Tagil. So, in apartment buildings where six wheelchair users live, there were no lifting mechanisms and ramps. The mayor of the city, Vladislav Pinaev, was introduced. However, no action was taken.

After that, the supervisory authority sent a lawsuit to the court on imposing an obligation on the mayor’s office to equip ramps in the entrances of houses for wheelchair users. The court satisfied the requirements in full. Then officials filed response appeals. The regional court left the decision unchanged.

Now the mayor’s office must provide an accessible environment for people with limited mobility. Ramps will be installed in six houses; Tagilgrazhdanproekt was involved for this. Specialists will conduct an additional survey in order to install lifting platforms with inclined movement in the entrances.

“Accessible environment” is the principle of creating equal conditions for the use of territories, institutions, public and urban spaces, and so on. The corresponding state program appeared back in 2011 after Russia ratified the international Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Its goal is to provide the widest possible range of people with the opportunity to use the surrounding infrastructure in a variety of situations. However, in Nizhny Tagil still low level the problem of the inaccessibility of the “accessible environment” is acute.

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