The Prime Minister of Portugal is afraid that the integration of Ukraine into the EU could become a pasta for our state

So, the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, ahead of the positive decision of the European Union for the sake of saying that the European integration of Ukraine can bring before the collapse of the EU, and not yoga zmіtsnennya. In addition, having allowed the politician, what way to the European Union can “become a shepherd” without intermediary for our state, as “inconsistent decisions” will be praised.

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The Portuguese Prime Minister will be placed before the European integration of Ukraine

It is appointed that its guarding statement should be made to the European integration of our state António Costa at the hour of the debate at the Portuguese Parliament in front of timas the European Council voted positively on the decision to give us the status of a candidate.

The topic of Ukraine was destroyed by the Portuguese MP from the Livre party, Rui Tavares. Vіn having criticized the plan for the order of Portugal and the model for the development of the country’s yoga with an eye on expansion perspective between the European Union, the system of universal full membership of Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Tavaresu, that Portugal is accepting on the cob of discussion all movables coming to the EC seriously, and do not create pardons. Vіm tse pitanya stosuєtsya before the institutes and architecture of the European Union.

In order to be serious and last, the European Union needs a new institutional and budgetary architecture under the fear that integration may become not a sign of the European Union, but a collapse, not supportive of Ukraine, but pasta for Ukraine,
Costa said.

At the same time, the Portuguese Prime Minister added that, looking back at the “mayzhe one-stay” support of all political forces, Portugal the most positive decision The European Commission should give Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for membership in the European Union.

Let’s guess, 23 worms European Parliament pіdtrimav nadannya statuses of candidates for membership in the EU of Ukraine and Moldova. Residual decision on the European summit for the sake of discussed with ease – Austria and Slovenia stood up for those who wanted to get the status of a candidate of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vіm vzhe nevdovzі became vіdomo, scho popri superechki, Ukraine took away the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union.

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