The President of Estonia urged to “prepare for any situations” because of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – news from Ukraine, Politics

Estonian President Alar Karis announced the need to “prepare for any situation” against the backdrop of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and announced an increase in Estonian ground defense. He said this in his speech at the Victory Day parade in Kuressaare. Delphi.

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He said that “against the backdrop of the horrors of the Russian troops,” Estonia is inspired by the courage, resourcefulness and strength of the Ukrainian people, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. He emphasized that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the number of TROs has increased 18 times – from 6,500 to 117,000.

In Estonia, according to him, they also reacted to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and from February 24 to the present day, more than 3,300 people have applied to join the National Defense Union (a volunteer paramilitary unit that is part of the Estonian Defense Forces – ed.) . At the same time, according to him, more than a third of them joined the Naiskodukaitse, the women’s organization of the Defense League.

“This kind of preparedness-focused, preventive thinking is exactly what will help us as a people and nation to be prepared for any situation,” Karis said.

According to him, next year Estonia will further increase its ground defense – by 10,000 people, relying on reservists. The Estonian leader noted that this would provide an opportunity to strengthen the national defense and help the reservists to better preserve and hone their skills.

He also announced the results of one of last year’s surveys: 98% of the reservists would be ready to participate in defensive actions if Estonia was attacked.

  • Russia is currently military training with imitation of missile strikes on Estonia. The Estonian Defense Ministry said provocative behavior has intensified on the border with Russia ahead of a NATO summit scheduled for next week in Madrid.
  • Also, the Estonian Ministry of Defense stated that “there is nothing unusual” in such exercises of the Russian Federation, since it always works out an attack, not a defense, but the disclosure of such activities will help explain to the allies the need to strengthen eastern flank of NATO.

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