The Polish Sejm adopted a draft law, which was urged to allow abortions until 12 September

The draft law was introduced by the initiative “Legalna aborcja bez kompromisów” (Legalna aborcja bez kompromisów). In order for the proposition to be looked at and voted by the Sejm, the organization elected in advance signatures over 200 thousand people Poland.

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Cho proponuvav project law

Proponuuvav document allowing women to legally interrupt their pregnancy until 12 pm without any change of mind. At the same time, on the 12th day of pregnancy, abortions were legalized for evidence:

  • threaten life, physical or psychological health of a woman,
  • recorded information about the development of the fetus,
  • and also, as a matter of fact, vagіtnіst has become a legacy of opposing diy – zokrema, zґvaltuvannya.

In addition, the draft law had the right to information, enlightenment and consultations for the new implementation rights to svіdome batkіvstvo. In the meantime, the Polish people’s deputies did not promote such an initiative.


In July 2020, the Constitutional Court of Poland ruled that abortion through a defect in the fetus superspeech the Polish constitution. Bula established the legal basis, yak mayzhe povnistyu zaboronnya vagity at the edge.

Such a solution caused massive protests in Poland, they became even more active after the low rate of deaths of female women. Zokrema, in 2021, many Polish doctors, afraid of the new legislation, despite the lack of water, began to have abortions for women, which led to a lethal legacy, and their tide turned out to be a neabiyake in the suspense.

At the same time, the adherents of abortion fences lobbied and tried to push through more suvorish legislation, advocating to equate the abortion to the point of insanity that punishment for the bugatoric will of the will as a woman, so for the medical practitioners who caused an abortion.

Before the word, discussions about the rulings of the Constitutional Court of Poland were also poised at the Republic of Ukraine of the European Union. Chimalo EU member states, zokrema, sued legal situation regarding the transfer of pregnancy in Poland.

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