The police spread 10 myths about safety belts – 24 th 2022

The police guessed that the fine for driving without a safety belt is 510 hryvnias.

The patrol police of Ukraine, on its side of the social media, has spread about the main myths, which are connected with the victorious safety belts.

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Myth number 1. Remіn zavazhaє vibratisya from the car, which burn abo tone
Modern paskas are known by one clatter. The biggest trouble is to make the blow itself, which is the first to burn or fall near the water.

Myth number 2. On a small speed, a safety belt can not be beaten
Unprecedented water with a frontal blockage may even have a high chance of breaking the slope with your head in 9 out of 10 falls.

Myth number 3. A crotchety grown-up can hold a child in his arms
Navit with a speed limit of 30 km / year for your little one with a weight of 7 kg, a diameter of 135 kg. It is impossible to take such a vag.

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