The police of Nymechchiny blocked entry to its territory on Tesla cars – 24 March 2022

Tesla cars are not allowed on the premises of the police through the built-in cameras. On the territory of police subdivisions, there is a lot of secret information like Tesla can film.

Near Berlin, Tesla cars were blocked from stopping in the vicinity of the territory where the police of Germany lie, shards were built into the car and video cameras record a lot of information. About tse povіdomlyaє mіstseve vidannya Tagesspigel іz silannyam on internal documents of the police.

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The police are aware that the recording of video by Tesla cameras destroys food safety and data protection. Whenever the video is taken, it is automatically transferred to the company’s servers in the Netherlands, where it is permanently collected and processed in an incomprehensible manner for the police.

According to the internal document of the police, it became known about this problem in the current situation, if the ZDF clerk noticed that the Berlin prosecutor’s office took away Tesla video with information about accidents on the roads.

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