The paratrooper dedicating the demise of the Russian helicopter Ka-52 to his one-month-old child

22 worms in the sky over Ukraine shot down Russian military helicopter Ka-52 “Aligator”. Yoga varity – close to 16 million dollars. And they shot Yogo with a portable anti-aircraft missile system “Igla”, which is a kind of break-ups in Radian hours, and at one time it costs close to 60-80 thousand dollars.

Varte respect In Alchevsk PPO zagarbnikov “overdone” herself: video of fatal launch

Shooting down a fortune-telling attack helicopter paratrooper Nazar from the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade.

“On that day, our rozrahunok stepped in on the battlefield. About the eighth year of the wound, from the side of the enemy, three Ka-52 helicopters appeared in the sky. Singingly, they conducted an air reconnaissance. , and zdіysniv launch. The rocket got a “turntable”! From a downed helicopter, knocking down thick black smoke,” the paratrooper said.

After the success of the Russian helicopter helicopter was confirmed by brothers from the judicial position.

This year, the defeat of the Russian helicopter was confirmed by the General Staff of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. On the 23rd of March, the stench published new data about the losses of Russian occupiers in the war against Ukraine. So the number of downed helicopters grew to 183 units. The most Ukrainian troops shoot drones of the operational-tactical level – їх already 622 (the camp at the early 24th chervnya). Litakiv, Russia spent 216 in an hour.

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For the Ukrainian warrior, this is the first goal. Nazar designates that he has consecrated his child, who has recently celebrated the month of the day of the nation.

Varto indicates that the shooting down of the Ka-52 has become not the only “used” group of paratroopers in the whole day. The airborne assault and artillery units of the Lviv brigade of the DShV destroyed two armored personnel carriers and two infantry fighting vehicles of the enemy.

In a camp for 24 chervnya, Ukrainian military troops sank 3,637 combat armored vehicles and 1,507 enemy tanks. As for the Russian zagarbniks themselves, they were already killed close to 34,530. Numbers of data are approximate, even if they try to be far away, and there is no way to lead an exact pіdrahunok.

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