The pace of the advance of the occupiers will significantly decrease in the nearest days, – ISW

Before such a visnovka, they went to the Institute for the Development of War. There they also respected that our military men could do everything to save the enemy.

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Ukrainian military can see

Let us tell you about those who near the Sevrodonetsk-Lysychansk region will improve the rest of the days to reach the successes. Natomist our military men recognized the vtrat. Vodnosled razumіt, scho such a high price far away to prevent the onset of the enemy, to demoralize yoga and exile.

The Institute quoted the head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergiy Gaidai. Vіn 23 hearts respecting that not including the possible access of the Ukrainian military. On the eve of the night, the stench will be embarrassed, so that they are not taken away from Lysychanska.

Analysts are talking about the efficiency of our military robots. Improvement of the remaining days near the Sevrodonetsk region, the stench literally pulled together more like manpower, and so did the enemy’s equipment. І tse non-Abian weakened the Russian military. More, this tactic made it impossible for him to attack on the bright lines.

The attack of the enemy with the nearest tizhny can relax

The Institute respected that the onset of Russian zagarbniks could lead to the improvement of the nearest tizhnivs. And it will be independent of the fact that the city of Sevrodonetsk-Lysychansk is in the region. Same thing, perekonanі stowage zvіtu, to allow our military organizations to organize hot and protective, ale counterattack.

Up to those The defense forces are able to do everything possible and impossible on Sevrodonetsky directly, – the General Staff

The battle for Sevrodonetsk is not a victorious victory for Russia

Analysts have changed in Russia they continue to step on the same rake. The Kremlin is literally obsessed with Sevrodonetsk. I do not predict the blockade of “Azovstal”. The very same, according to the thought of the Institute’s spokesmen, it’s not a bad thing to go to the enemy. Movlyav, he allows himself the opportunity to continue the attack on other territories of Ukraine.

Obviously, for Ukraine, the burying of Sevrodonetsk, respect analysts, will be sick. Like vtrata be-like some other territory. Vodnochas next to understand what the battle for this place will definitely not become vicious, but it will not be witness to the victory of Russia at the war, she herself untied the yaku.

Respectfully, Sergiy Gaidai spoke about the defense of Lysychansk ahead of time. The head of the Lugansk OVA was relieved that place to take a long time. And all to the one who had a good way to form a defense. In addition, you will be able to buy yoga more folded through the visual geographical distribution.

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