The occupants bolstered their own troops with one more BTG

The situation at the front is getting worse. The enemy continues to actively attack the Donbass and tries to invade the occupied lines on Pivdnі.

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Russians throw at the bіy dodatkovі forces

As they told the General Staff of the ZSU, the Russians increased the number of their troops, so they would conduct battles on the territory of Ukraine. For obvious information, against the ZSU, one more tactful battalion group of Russian occupiers will be fighting in the warehouse of the 138th motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District.

Previously, there was information that on the territory of Ukraine there were over 100 battalion-tactical groups of the enemy, and more dozens of wines may be at the reserve. So the Russians can throw at the bіy “third battalion”, and even 30 – 40 BTGr.

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