The North Caucasus may attract the attention of Russian troops

They said that Ukraine could recognize the independence of Chechnya to motivate the people.

The oppressed peoples of Russia would like to gain independence / photo from UNIAN

Only the North Caucasus can pull back part of the Russian troops, in particular Chechnya. Ukraine can push the people to resistance by recognizing the independence of the region.

Islam Belokiev, press secretary of the Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansour, stated this on the air of “Espresso”.

“There are peoples on the territory of the Russian Federation who would like independence – this is the North Caucasus. This is Russia’s Achilles’ heel. Most of all, those who want independence are those who felt the war on themselves. These are Chechens, Dagestanis, Ingush. Today we need to work with them – this is a historic chance to detach and fight for independence. We need informational support, support from the West, including Ukraine. We need to raise the archives, show people that they have always been oppressed,” he explained.

Belokiev believes that the lack of such work is a colossal mistake, because the oppressed peoples do not trust Russia.

“The North Caucasus is the territory that most of all resists Russian propaganda. Most do not believe what the Russian Federation says. Chechens, Dagestanis, Ingush for the most part do not believe. We are working precisely for this, to show them the whole truth. We need more work with them,” the battalion spokesman said.

In his opinion, the recognition of Ichkeria is vital for Ukraine.

“This bill lies somewhere on the recognition of Ichkeria, and no one is considering it. This is vital for the Ukrainians themselves. they don’t recognize,” Belokiev summed up.

Recall, a little earlier, the expert said that Ramzan Kadyrov wants to betray Putin and separate Chechnya from RF.

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