The next generation of Volkswagen Passat may become electric – 23 March 2022

Revealed the design and name of the Volkswagen Passat’s electric successor

The Volkswagen ID line of electric vehicles also includes the ID.3 hatchback, ID.4 crossover, ID.5 and ID.6, as well as the mini-ID. buzz. Nezabar before them comes also an electric sedan, which will become the ideological successor of the cult Passat.

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Virobnik announced that he would show the novelty of the 27th black and the day ahead of the premiere by publishing sketches of the image, as if to give a statement about the design. Name the car Volkswagen ID. Aero.

The images on the sketches show the electric car with an aerodynamic silhouette with a smooth line of the dahu and a wide rear sway. Vodnochas Volkswagen ID. Aero removes the rear air intakes from the front, integrates a spoiler and a tightness on the rear diffuser. І front, and rear optics, nayіmovіrnіshe, appear matrix, blocks of headlights and lіkhtarіv z’ednаnі mіzh themselves with their husbands z pіdsvіchuvannyam.

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