The mountain community in the Lugansk region is completely occupied, – the head of the VA

According to Aleksey Babchenko, the enemy came from several directions, and an occupation regime is already being formed in the occupied territories. Since June 21, it has been impossible to bring humanitarian aid to Gorskoye or evacuate the population: the roads are being shot through, or completely under the control of the RF Armed Forces.

Aleksey Babchenko, head of the military administration of the Mountain Community of the Lugansk Region, said that the community is under the complete occupation of Russian troops, and small-scale battles continue on the outskirts. About it informs

“Today, the Mountain community is completely occupied, there are minor local battles in the vicinity, but the enemy has entered,” Babchenko explained, noting that although there is a fortified area in the Zolote region, the Russians managed to break through in the Orekhovo-Toshkovka direction.

Enemy troops attacked from two sides. One part went to the rear of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the settlements of Mirnaya Dolina, Podlesnoye and Loskutovka. Another grouping of Russian troops was moving in the direction of Gorsky and Zolote.

In the occupied territories, according to the representative of the VA, an occupation administration is being created. About 4 thousand inhabitants remained in the community. An extremely difficult situation has been going on for several months: interruptions in electricity, water and gas supply. Since June 21, it has been impossible to deliver humanitarian aid to Gorskoye and evacuate the population. Roads are shot through, or completely controlled by Russian troops.

The neighborhoods of the community where the fighting continues are completely destroyed, in Gorsky and Zolotoy houses under constant shelling, critical infrastructure is completely destroyed, houses are damaged by 60%.

Previously Focus reported that Ukrainian military will leave Severodonetsk. The command has already been given. According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Military District, all infrastructure and housing stock have been destroyed in Severodonetsk, so it is also dangerous for the military to be in the city.

Recall that, according to CNN, before the Armed Forces of Ukraine a difficult choice in Lisichansk: Challenge the Russians or tactically retreat to more fortified areas. However, journalists note the advantage of the urban landscape: it is on a hill relative to the surrounding territories, which will allow for some time to successfully contain the offensive and inflict damage on the enemy.

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