The most comfortable places to live who have eaten at the top ten

The top ten leaders also won other European places. Vodnochas through povnoskrashne vtorgnennya Rosії Kiev without spending up to tsogorіchnogo rating.

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About rating

Analysts analyzed the lives of 172 places in the world. In order to appoint a leader, 30 performers were insured, and they were grouped in 5 categories: stability, health protection, culture, the most important medium, and illumination and infrastructure.

Scenic picture / Infographics The Economist

Let’s look at it, after the coronavirus pandemic has been saved, we will evaluate how to cope with the consequences of the epidemic. Here you can enter the assessment of drinking at the medical establishment, closing or obezhennya shkіl, restaurants, cultural centers.

How to designate an author’s achievement, a partial return to a normal life is not bound by Europe. Before the first dozen, Canadian places have also gone. The displays and populations of the United States have been reduced.

Who has the best rating: 10 best places in the world

The most comfortable place to live
Top 10 most comfortable places to live in the world / Infographics The Economist

Vision (Austria) three times over the rest of the five years in the first half of the rankings of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Previously, the place was chosen as the most comfortable in 2018 and 2019.

Another place of settlement Copenhagen (Denmark). The third place was divided Zurich (Switzerland) and Calgary (Canada). Also, the top ten places have also improved:

  • Vancouver (Canada),
  • Geneva (Switzerland),
  • Frankfurt (Nimechchina),
  • Toronto (Canada),
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands),
  • Osaka (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia), yakі totally took away the same number of balls.

The most comfortable place to live
How Bali Roses / Infographics The Economist

Kiev was excluded from the rating

A new threat has come to change the pandemic – the aggression of Russia, the authors say. The stench tells you that after the 24th of the fierce bully of madness interrupt the experiment of Kiev and exclude the capital of Ukraine from the rating.

Also, on aphids, experts lowered the estimates of Russian megacities. Thus, Moscow went down in the rating by 15 positions, and St. Petersburg – by 13.

The war stole the stability and other places of Northern Europe, zokrema Warsaw (Poland) i Budapest (Ugorshchina).

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