The most accessible crossovers for the Ukrainian market: rating – June 24, 2022

Before the hour of war, the market for new cars has changed a lot, but crossovers are like bulls, so they are becoming the most popular type of passenger cars.

Pozashlyahoviki and crossovers are deprived of the most popular class of cars in Ukraine. Prote, not all stinks are for sale today. Seen by AUTO-Consulting, it was clear that such SUV models can be bought for minimal pennies.

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Varto designate, which is the most accessible – zovsіm does not mean filth. The rating is є model, yakі may be inappropriate for the country’s data, put it on the front wheel drive. And from whom there are already no, so there are Russian crossovers and foreigners, a lot of them were released from other Russian hours.

The first three months to sit Chinese Chery. Tse – Tiggo 2 (from 293 049 UAH), Chery Tiggo 2 Pro (from 343 360 UAH) and Chery Tiggo 4 (from 355 200 UAH). Zavdyaki special prices for a simple system of taxation (without VAT, mita and excise duty), crossover prices are found today.

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