The mood is not Christmas, – Masha Efrosinina rose, like a bov її National Day

The Ukrainian TV presenter and the hromada diyachka Masha Efrosinina shot 43-Richcha beyond the cordon. Vona rose, as if she was celebrating the day of the people.

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Yak Masha Efrosinina zustrila 43-rich

The host shared that she spent the whole day with her loved ones – the children of that mother. Vaughn took little notice of the hospitality.

My mother came before me, and we were together for a whole day. I received calls, SMS and announced my own day, that I will now celebrate Christmas, to that I did not absolutely celebrate Christmas days. A man to visit home with my little girl, and the stench has covered me up. To that they brought me tickets to Timur. Sashko brought me a ticket. I spent my gut pennies on them,
– Masha Efrosinina spoke up.

Zirka added that her spirits were rising only once, if the shanuvalniks helped her pick up the money for a benevolent program.

“In the evening we went to the restaurant. We went to the restaurant. Attuned, splendidly, not Christmas. Ale wine, having become a Christmas day, I voted for the greatness of our program” Indisputable Mother “, and for the sake of winning, I took a second million. I didn’t think that I would be so happy for the fact that on the day of the people’s day I collect pennies for help, ”Efrosinina shared.

Rest about the starry days of the people

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  • Oleksandr Polozhinsky zustrіv 50-rіchchya at viysk, more than a ZSU soldier. “I have a form and an automatic machine. , call an officer”.
  • Tonya Matvienko, joining Arsen Mirzoyan on National Day, knew that bag for a person.

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