The Ministry of Health opened the door to medical cherries “for no reason”

“Zrada” under the Ministry of Health

Yesterday we found out that the Order had lowered the entry threshold for entering the Medical University to the lowest in history: 100 ZNO points. In other words, you can now enter the medical university, be someone.

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I guess so. Until 2018, the fate of medicine is the lowest among all specialties, the passing ball is 130 ZNO points. Through this there came those who could not enter other specialties. Selected selection. A place of pardon for the naigirshih. It all ended, you know what the quality of our medicine is.

Now it’s not 130. It’s 100.

In its post, the Ministry of Health now calls the minimum passable bar of 150 balls “advancement of vimogi”.

MoH Post / Screenshot

Oh no. Vimoga’s advances – tse those that our team leaned on in 2018 roci – 180 points. 150- ce buli minimal, compromising vimogi. And 100 points – tse open the door to the medical university, be it unlucky, which is not good, not those who want to enter, but they are not good.

What is wrong

Is it important for children to lay down their sleep? Then help the children fold yoga.

Universities not to recruit students? Then support the university.

Ale, what is the light here?

I wonder what the axis is. If it costs a lot of viysk, we want the best: the best harmonics, PPO systems, “khimarsy” and “javelins”. It never occurred to anyone to switch to bows and arrows, which are the real hardships of war.

Why? Perhaps, to the one who can really subdue a whole lot of real Russian zagarbniks, who really came to really kill us?

Then I will tell you that skin cancer kills 70 thousand Ukrainians. I sick people will not lower their standards. Cancer will not feed a doctor, for some roci wines, having entered the university.

What are the possible traces

Medical science will not look back for us. Already on the third rotation in universities, there will be a great cohort of students, as if they did not build a professional education “Krok 1”.

Why will universities enroll such students en masse? I perekonany, scho nі. But it would be better to create a wide field for corruption, as traditions, I guess, didn’t go anywhere in universities, but simply began to grow.

The result of this policy will be those that in 2030 we will be scoffed at by unqualified people. And the Order will spend a bunch of pennies in order to pay their salaries (try not to pay salaries to doctors!).

2030, I’m guessing, is the period of our renewal, it’s too rich to talk about the yak at once Order. Alone, who inspire such decisions – tse soviet way.

Russian strategy

How can we overcome the problem, having allowed to the training, and then let’s go to the surgical table of impromptu people? Golovne kіlkіst, not yakіst – the strategy of the Russian army is now in our medicine.

In order for our country to become strong, we should not reduce our guilt, but raise our strength – to the medical level and, if anything, enlighten.

It is easy to enter our universities, and it is easy to learn in them. Programs and sleep can be synchronized with the zahіdnimi. English language among medical students can be a different worker, or even a first one. Yakby began “Medical NATO”, mi mali bi to join the new one.

Students from other countries may want to join us. Competition can be high. So mirostimo is stronger than the generation of modern doctors. Some of the best talents from other lands will be brought here. Then strong professors will come here. Then science will be born. So everything happened in 2030 – 2040, the solution needs to be taken at once. Right now.

Skills and what is required for the victory of Ukraine – marvel at the video:

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