The MEP doubted that it would be possible to carry out “deoligarchization” in Georgia

It will be difficult for the Georgian government to fulfill the requirements of Brussels for obtaining the status of a candidate for entry into the European Union, especially “deoligarchization”. This was announced on June 24 to the Georgian TV channel “Formula” by a member of the European Parliament Joachim Kues.

“There are steps that Georgia needs to take. It will probably be difficult for your country. Deoligarchization is important. I think it’s almost impossible to do that.”said the MEP.

He also said that achieving the rule of law and freedom of the media would not be difficult if the people supported the government. If there is no such support, then everything becomes more complicated.

Recall that one of the 12 conditions for granting Georgia the status of an EU candidate, on the recommendation of the European Commission, is the “deoligarchization” of the country. The opposition calls the founder of the ruling party “oligarch” Georgian Dream…

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