The mayor of Sochi confirmed the death of a woman in a car washed into the sea

A woman died as a result of bad weather in Sochi – she was in one of the cars washed into the Black Sea. The head of the resort city wrote about this in the telegram channel Alexey Kopaygorodsky June 24.

“Repeatedly warned residents and guests of the resort about the impending disaster. But, to our deep regret, despite all the warnings, two families from the Stavropol Territory, following in transit by car, stopped for the night in an unequipped place, at the mouth of the Chemitokvadzhe River, right under the overpass. A woman died, ”wrote Kopaygorodsky.

He also clarified that one man managed to be saved, he was hospitalized. A search is underway for two more adults and three children.

“Search and rescue operations do not stop even for a minute, the Ministry of Emergency Situations involved all water vehicles and a helicopter. All measures are being taken to eliminate emergencies, I personally control the actions of all services, ”he clarified …

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