the mayor of Nikolaev recommends residents to leave the city (photo)

The Russian military is firing rockets and cluster munitions in Nikolaev. According to Vitaly Kim, the military situation has not changed and there is no need to panic.

Mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich recommended residents to leave the city and offered bus services for this. About this he wrote in Telegram.

“For those who want to leave the city, there are our public buses. The form can be filled here. Evacuation is voluntary. Whoever wants to stay, we will hold the defense together,” he said.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, the mayor added, that he gave such a recommendation to the locals because of the constant shelling of the Russian army.

“I recommend everyone to leave the city. Everyone who wants to stay alive does not know when this will all end. Today, according to our estimates, out of 480 thousand inhabitants of Nikolaev who were before the war, about 230 thousand remained in the city,” – cited Senkevich’s statistics.

Head of the Nikolaev Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim urged filter information and not panic.

“There is no evacuation. He (Sienkiewicz) recommends, as usual for those who have the opportunity, leave, we provide buses. The situation is the same as the previous four weeks. No panic, nothing militarily has changed,” he said .

The shelling of Nikolaev – how the city lives

Senkevich assessed the general situation in Nikolaev as bad, the RF Armed Forces shell the city with various ammunition every day.

“Approximately 80% of the shells are cluster-type. That is, multiple launch rocket systems of the Smerch or Uragan type. We are being bombarded with high-precision missiles. I don’t know their label. It seems to be X-55 or X-555. These are cruise missiles flying around the city and destroying infrastructure. They fired at military targets. These rockets hit the regional state administration,” he commented.

Nikolaev Regional State Administration, rockets, shelling of Nikolaev

Russian rocket pierced 9 floors of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration

The shells, according to the mayor, are flying from the Kherson region, and the air raid siren cannot be set off in advance.

In Nikolaev, as of June 21, 111 people died, one of them is a child. 502 people were injured, including 6 children.

In addition, there is a problem with drinking water in the city. On April 12, Russian invaders got into the pipeline through which water was pumped from the Dnieper.

Nikolaev, shelling of Nikolaev, Nikolaev destruction

In Nikolaev, some houses are destroyed and cannot be restored

“After that, we didn’t have drinking water for a month, no water at all. We got drinking water from underground wells. In fact, we distributed it to people in cars, barrels, and so on. Now we continue to deliver drinking water to people for free. They can buy bottled water for themselves for food,” said Senkevich.

The city’s economy, according to the mayor, is worth it. Large enterprises have stopped working, about 90% of medium-sized businesses are also not functioning.

“Small businesses are operating, mainly trade, in a small format. As for food, medicines, and so on, now we have everything, in principle, we have enough of everything. Everything is in stores,” he concluded.

Recall that the Russian invaders on June 22 held massive shelling of Nikolaev – 7 rockets were fired at the city. Days earlier, on June 17, the invaders also hit with a rocket, on that day 1 person died and 6 were injured.

On June 18, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky visited the advanced positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region and Odessa. In Nikolaev, he presented state awards to the military.

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