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It rained heavily in this region, which washed out the road.

It is now impossible to leave Energodar / REUTERS

Evacuation from Energodar is not yet possible. Due to heavy and long rain, the roads in the region were washed away.

This was announced by the mayor of the city Dmitry Orlov in Telegram.

Now local residents cannot go towards Zaporozhye, since it is physically impossible to use the bypass road near Kamianske.

“Therefore, there is no opportunity to evacuate through Vasilyevka for the next few days – the road has been washed out and will now become a trap for cars,” Orlov added.

As you know, from June 30, 2022, in Energodar, the invaders opened a document collection point for registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation. Despite this, local residents are in no hurry to get a Russian passport, but are trying to leave the occupied territory.

According to the latest data, in Vasilievka more than 800 cars are waiting in line and more than 4000 people. The invaders also changed the exit rules. They used to release cars after 17:00, but now they do it in the morning. The number of cars that are allowed to travel to Zaporizhzhia has remained unchanged – 200-300 per day.

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