The liberation of the right-bank Kherson region is the first goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the military expert, now the Ukrainian army should concentrate on one direction.

Prvoberezhnaya Kherson region is the first target of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south, Chernik believes /

The first strategic and big goal Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern front is the right bank of the Dnieper.

This opinion was voiced on the air Radio NV military expert Petr Chernik.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian army should now concentrate on one direction – by “small steps” and “salami tactics” to liberate the territories occupied by the enemy.

“As soon as we manage to de-occupy it, I emphasize, then we will practically approach the Dnieper and through the Dnieper we will be able to start serious fire impacts, especially on the bridgehead, which I call Novaya Kakhovka. order, because I remind you that there are hydroelectric facilities that control the Crimean water,” the expert comments.

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Significantly improve the psychological pressure on the invaders, according to Chernik, blocking the Crimean Canal. Commenting on the future de-occupation, the expert urged “hurry up slowly”, believing that haste in this matter could turn into “death traps” for Ukraine.

Earlier, military expert Oleg Zhdanov described, how exactly the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate the occupied Crimea.

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