The leader of the Sverdlovsk communists, Ivachev, reported the brutal beating of his agitators

Unknown people beat up agitators of the candidate for governor of the Sverdlovsk region from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Ivachev when they put up leaflets in his support in Yekaterinburg. One of the victims required medical attention: doctors diagnosed him with a skull fracture, concussion and amnesia. About this the communist himself reported August 1 on his page “VKontakte”.

According to him, on July 31, young people in masks approached the agitators and demanded that they remove the campaign materials, but the activists did not comply with this demand. After that, unknown attacked his supporters.

“I would like customers and performers to realize that because of a couple of hundred posters, a young 27-year-old guy lost his health, and if the attacker’s leg had been applied a little less successfully, he could have lost his life,” Ivachev wrote.

In an interview with RTVI, the Sverdlovsk communist noted that he guessed who was behind the attack on his supporters and expressed the hope that the police would find everyone involved in the beating.

“This is not a very complex mystery. That is, it is clear, it is connected with the elections. Candidates [на пост губернатора] a little, and I doubt that such things are done by candidates from the parliamentary opposition, who do not conduct any active campaign at all, do nothing. Then draw your own conclusion. That is, so far no one has been caught by the hand. It is clear that the performers are local bandits, and the customers … In my opinion, everything is obvious, ”he said.

According to Ivachev, in the near future, law enforcement agencies may open a criminal case into the attack on his agitators. “An investigation is underway. We really hope that our law enforcement officers will show themselves here in the best possible way and find these people, ”he told RTVI.

In his opinion, the attackers probably initially understood that they would use violence against agitators, so they were initially wearing masks. The gubernatorial candidate also said that this is not the first such case – his supporters have been attacked twice already, but before that everything was limited only to threats. “I hope that it will be possible to combine all these episodes into one picture. We have suspicions, but without hard evidence, I would not like to voice any names, ”Ivachev said.

The communist also said that on July 31, his team posted about 30 campaign banners on the streets of the city, but during the night, unknown persons cut off seven of them.

“Tomorrow morning we will file a complaint with the police [в связи с этим происшествием], we attach photographic materials. We hope that cameras will be used there to identify intruders. There is simply a systemic war going on here in order to prevent any campaigning activity of the communists and our candidate, that is, me. That is, they cut posters with my image, ”Ivachev explained to RTVI.

The head of the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Sverdlovsk Region, Valery Gorelykh, told RTVI that the department would check the information about the beating of agitators of the candidate for governor from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and if it is confirmed, then “the internal affairs bodies of Yekaterinburg will take a set of necessary response measures.”

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