The lawyer told what to do in a panic mood

After the announcement of partial mobilization, some people fell into an unreasonable panic state.

Lawyer Yulia Verbitskaya shared her opinion on what to do in case of panic, if you can cope with her emotions.

“Panic paralyzes critical thinking and makes a person psychologically vulnerable, prone to manipulation.

This state is easily transmitted from one person to another, especially against the backdrop of the legal wording of the decree, incomprehensible to many, and the general atmosphere of anxiety and misunderstanding of who, when and how will be called.

Try to control yourself!

Do not give in to emotions, and, moreover, do not make rash decisions in this state.

Turn off the TV, close your news tabs, and log out of social media.

It is best to return to work, or other planned activities.

And the decision-making, and, moreover, the implementation of any actions, postpone for a time when emotions will not overshadow the mind, ”- the lawyer wrote in her microblog on social networks.

photo: frame from the film “What Dreams May Come”

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