The largest “collection” of old-timers in Ukraine, – Ministry of Culture about the theft of an exnardep-colaboran

Details of the report of the Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko. Apparently, the collection was presented at the Museum of the History of Ukraine.

important Eksnardepa Gorbatov blamed for the financing of the occupiers and theft of thousands of artifacts from Crimea

What is known about the largest collection of old-timers in the history of independent Ukraine

Tkachenko respecting the great collection to avenge old fashioned items and objects, embellish those details of clothes, ceramic, metal and curly dishes. If you speak in more detail, then the right-wing guards for an hour of obshukiv in the exnardepa found out:

  • antique overlays on funeral sarcophagi (earlier than a century before ours – another century before ours);
  • objects of Tripil culture;
  • there is a large number of bronzing periods from finishing bronze to the early salmon age;
  • artefacts attached to the objects of Przeworsk culture (third century BC – fifth century BC);
  • objects that lie up to the “stake of viїmchastih enamels”;
  • sprat of Scandinavian swords of the fifth century;
  • bronze our hryvnia toshcho.

Usі stink lie down to different archeological cultures that hoard the territory of usієї Ukraine. Under the hour, 6066 objects were examined by the law enforcement officers. The majestic quantity, character and age of artefacts is about a thousand years of history of Ukraine and Europe.

A great number of subjects are unique and may have a cultural, scientific and mystical significance. The stench is not represented in any museum of Ukraine. Among the studied objects, a Byzantine sword of the fourth century was revealed. One of the best items is old-fashioned and belongs to the library fund of Ukraine,
– voicing Tkachenko.

Adding wine, judging by the number of objects, think about thousands of ruined ancient burial grounds, illegal excavations and looting. The revealed unique objects were saved in shriveled minds, and, therefore, the number of them being taken in a critical state will require non-gain stabilization and further restoration.

The Ministry of Culture showed the largest “collection” of old people in Ukraine / Photo by the Ministry of Culture

How law enforcement officers knew old-timers

All these valuable speeches were voiced by the colossal people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Valeriy Gorbatov. Pracivniki DBR vikryli yoga on the financial support of the Donetsk militants.

At the same time, Valeriy Gorbatov may apply without delay to the duties of the “Gorlivsky paper factory” and “Blagodijny Soyuz” LLC. Businesses take place in the paid-off territories, and tributes are paid there. Vidpovidno Gorbatov finances illegal terrorist gangs.

The workers of the DBR have already carried out six surveys of Gorbatov’s lane. In one of the offices near Kiev, the stench revealed over 6 thousand historical and cultural values. Part of the collection was rehoved in the “hidden rooms” prepared in advance.

What threatens Gorbatov and de vin at once

If you bring Gorbatov’s fault to court, then I will threaten you with imprisonment up to 10 years for allowing the right to seize a penny and plant it up to 3 years and with the confiscation of a lane.

For operational tribute, at the same time, a large deputy is transferred to the payback territory. Vt_k from Kiev ahead of the full-scale Russian aggression.

Tkachenko rose up about the informational news of Ukraine, blocking the Russian channels and the poor reminders: to marvel at the video

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