The head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry accused Europe of losing interest in the problems of Kyiv

Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Alexey Reznikov accused European countries of conflict fatigue and problems with the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime. He stated this on June 13 in an interview with the British magazine The Economist.

“Europe either does not quite understand what is happening, or understands, but is tired and resigned”– he said.

In addition, the head of the Ukrainian defense department noted that he believes that Ukraine has become for Germany and France “annoying obstacle” on the way to a comfortable life and added that he might even “throw some pretty choice words” after meeting with his French and German colleagues.

As reported IA REGNUMpreviously commander of the operational formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “North” Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Krasilnikov said that…

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