The head centers of strikes in the Belarusian army have already been appointed, – Makaruk resurrected the city of Ukraine

About tse 24 channel rozpovіv gromadsky diyach and riverman Informnapalm Mikhailo Makaruk. Vіn also signifying that it is not possible to avoid the import of goods, they will constantly deliver S-300 and S-400, but it is unlikely that Belarusians will sit at the control panel.

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Everyone says that Belarusians can’t fight and it’s true. Ale umovni 20 thousand manpower, chi navit 5 thousand, to rouse our supporterssay Makaruk.

“If the first troubles go straight to Belarus, Russian propaganda will squeal more and more that “Ukrainian fascists killed Belarusian boys.” By this rank, Belarusians will simply nat us,” added the Informnapalm riverman.

The first Chechen war will be repeated – a beadle (strokoviks) was sent to death, and then others, tse script already implemented, say Mikhailo Makaruk.

The main heads of Belarus will cut our roads at the direct “zahіd-center” for the army,
– appoint a journalist.

The main points of impact for the Belarusian army have already been assigned:

  • Kovel;
  • Varash;
  • Sarny;
  • Ovruch;
  • Chernigivshchyna.

“To that, if the songs of the experts tell me why we need combat brigades at the entrance of Ukraine – in order to prevent the implementation of this scenario,” Makaruk summed up.

Yaka Imovirnist attack from the side of Belarus for other tribute

Apparently, Belarus was in the middle of the cordon with Ukraine up to 7 battalions. Near the cordon areas, carry out additional visits from the engineering possession of the checkpoints and sort out additional radio-electronic warfare. However tsikh vіysk and technіki dosi not enough to organize an attack.

With theses theses will be fine and in Institutes of follow-up war. for their tribute, the army of Belarus is not a fighting force. There are not enough assets in it, low combat readiness and no real combat certificate, on the authority of the ZSU. Okrim tsgogo, Lukashenka’s army is needed in order to somehow undermine his regime.

More details about the fighting attempt of the “parquet” warrior of Belarus: marvel at the video

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