The greatest story of my life – an interview with the main character Pratt about “Jurassic World 3”

At the borders of the project “Interview 24”, Chris Pratt spoke about the atmosphere of the film “Jurassic World 3: Dominion”, his character and robot with famous actors and director Colin Trevorrow on a significant Maidan. Some surprises were prepared for us by the creative team of the cult franchise – read on.

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Dearly, the film has a new chapter about the life of dinosaurs in the XXI century. Ancient lizards and modern people try to sleep in one ecosystem. That time it is necessary to produce fatal consequences.

“Light of the Jurassic period 3: Dominion”: marvel trailer

Also, “Light of the Jurassic Period 3: Dominion” is the grand finale of an unforgettable story.

The word “grand finale” speak for itself! Shchorazu, if you watch fireworks, you check until the end, because you want to enjoy yourself: this film is the same as 2 years of uninterrupted fireworks. Vin is fantastic! If I’ve read the script to the first part, I’ll understand why it seems to be really special. And now, after stylkoh rokіv napologlivoї robo, I can proudly say that we have fared!

At the “World of the Jurassic Period 2” we became evidence of the decline of Isla-Nublar, the majority of dinosaurs were vryatova and the end of the stink stinks in our world. So, what happened to the chotiri rocks, how did they blow the cob of a new history?

At the beginning of the film, you take a short off-screen exposure, so that I can tell you about those that were seen for the rest of the rocky. As we know, it can take a little time to build in a short time! I oskolki spіvіsnuvannya people and dinosaurs in the same ecosystem є chimney new and unknown, you know that the problem is not only a threat of the influx of dinosaurs, zapodіyannya shkodi among the midst of people.

Everything is richer and on a much larger scale – a language about the possibility of the extinction of people, the collapse of the global supply of food and other apocalyptic terror that can destroy the planet.

These topics are even more relevant, oskolki stand for corporate greed, ethics in science and our viability for the protection of all living things on the planet. That is why the film is special and greedy with an epic grand finale.

And what place in this story was introduced to Aries Greydi, your character?

Aries is a simple lad, and yogo mriya – talk about people who love wines. Vіn vukhovu Maisie, like his daughter, at once with Claire at the hut, having awakened like vіn, ale mi bachimo, what she has to do with what she won and what it means to be yourself. As a matter of fact, we are trying to treat Maisie under the castle, to the fact that we know that this is the reason why there is a good fortune. Oskіlki in nіy є shchos, scho to rob її more valuable for science. We also begin to re-examine, and we try to protect.

Aries, without a doubt, is one of your favorite roles today.

Meni duzhe was worthy of a gracious character. First, wine is richly cool for me. And it was commendable to bachiti those, as if they had grown up with the rest of the years.

I am wondering that the day will come if I look back and think what time it is, if I am one of the most unforgettable ones.

Yogo girls from Claire Dearing have grown up too, haven’t they?

So, in the face of flirty hotties and stosunki, they switched to the stage of a right kohanny, grown-up mutually covetous. The stench supports one by one, presents his shoulder at the hour of wickedness. The same is true mature Batkiv type of stosunkiv.

Frame from “The World of the Jurassic Period 3” / Photo by the press service

“Light of the Jurassic Period 3: Dominion” stuns the entire franchise and takes you back to the main characters of the original “Jurassic Park” series. I think you saw the non-abyaku vіdpovidalnі, interrupting on a significant Maidan with Sam Neil, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, yakі turned to the roles of Alan Grant, Ellie Settler and Ian Malcolm obviously.

It was a great honor for me to smash Sam, Laura and Jeff at once! I adored “Jurassic Park” as a child and these actors were always icons of cinematography for me. Revisiting that trilogy, I won’t realize in a moment that if I become an actor and work with them, please. Practice with correct legends! Look like that, nibi I won the jackpot, playing the lottery. Tse nameless emotions!

A dekil of miraculous actors also came to you, for example, Devanda Wise and Mamudu Ati.

Both of them are inexhaustible young talents. Devanda startled me, but she looked professionally and professionally in the frame. Well, she appears in the same scene – it is impossible to look away. Vaughn is the right star. Mamud is so self-named; I think that in front of them there is a glimmer and supra-wichine future.

As we have already started talking about the miraculous robot, it is impossible not to guess the director Colin Trevorrow, the energy of that company that directed the project in the right river and Uresht led us to the grand finale. Tell me a little about new.

I’ll be concise, prote vіdvertim.

Kolin worked diligently over the project, and put his whole soul into the whole film. You can almost compare with the nationalities and vihovannyam children. Vіn neimovіrno turbotlivy, more practical and zavzhdi more clearly able to convey the idea.

Kolіn was the supreme partner of everything, and I also respect him as a wonderful friend. I can always turn on a new one for the joy of a new one, moreover, it’s not just a role, but a life of swearing.

Frame from “The World of the Jurassic Period 3” / Photo by the press service

Well, without dinosaurs. For some surprises, we need a check in this part? How did the scenes go through, in which stinks do they appear?

Which movie has a lot of action! We have new miraculous dinosaurs like Giganotosaurus (the largest terrestrial hut creature that ever walked the Earth) or Quetzalcoatl (the biggest zhah, which if ever the sky blew), and I’ll call a feathered dinosaur named Piroraptor! First act from our favorite dinosaurs from past films – for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Veliceraptor, known as Blue. And Blue has a baby, now they call Beta, it’s even nicer. To that, if you reach the dinosaurs on the right, score the highest pilotage.

Namely, I think that, – Chris Pratt about the completion of the work on the franchise

Otzhe, spying nareshti to play “Light of the Jurassic period 3: Dominion”. What emotions will motivate you if you think about all that work on the franchise?

Great vdyachnіst, pride, humility and cіkavіst. I still don’t fully understand that this is the finale, but I’ll change the names to the fact that I’m a part of such a cult franchise. One day I will surely see that this history was one of the greatest chapters of my life.

Frame from “The World of the Jurassic Period 3” / Photo by press servicesand

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