The “golden” prospect of the Lisichansk boiler – what will be cooked from the APU?

Military events in the Donbass began to develop rapidly. No sooner had the cauldron in the Gorsko-Zolotoya agglomeration slammed shut, as the prospect of another vessel familiar to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Lisichanskaya, clearly loomed.

At the moment, it is not known how many ukrovoyaks remained in the Gorsko-Zolotaya zone, but the speed of its occupation by the forces of the People’s Militia and the Russian troops suggests that, nevertheless, a fair share of the group that was sitting here managed to escape to Lysichansk.

It cannot be said that they were lucky, since fighting is already underway on the southern outskirts of Lisichansk, and both roads along which it is possible to escape from this city from the new boiler are under tight fire control.

According to some reports, from the western part of Lisichansk, a living hell is going on on the roads – not only artillery, but also tactical aviation is working on them.

Based on this, the question is brewing – what will happen here next?

You can talk about it in any way, but on the basis of all previous events, one thing is already completely clear …

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