The General Staff was updated about the success of the ZSU on Zmіiny

Narazі Ukrainian defenders and defenders vikoristovuyut usі dієvі form that way to turn the territory of the Serpent under the control of Ukraine. For whom, zastosovuyut zbroyu, yaku mayut ZSU.

Respect On the cordon of the battle of Chernigivshchyna, the enemy will take up to 3 BTG: for the attack, it’s a little

At the General Staff of the ZSU, it was revealed that the Ukrainian heroes were able to aggravate the radar situation of the Russian occupiers. Let’s face it, the guards and the guards changed the number of zagarbniks, as if they were changing to the Zmіїny. So, in the distance, it was possible to reduce the ability of the enemy to achieve the PPO link.

Operation more three – OK “Pivden”

Natalia Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Coordinating Center of the Defense Forces Pivdnya, said that ZSU they gave a dekilka of hard blows on the island of Zmіїny. There, Russian zagarbniks rolled out their equipment. Masovaniya blow zavdali іz zastosuvannyam raznoї force.

At the same time, the military operation is three and will require silence.

“In order to support our people, I’ll say – there’s still a blow, and there’s more than one blow, but everything is within the framework of the military operation, as if I would demand silence from the regime,” Gumenyuk said.

Vaughn added that the enemy was far away from serious expenses. To pray about living power and technology. So it seems that the fortune-telling anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir C1” has gone either way down, or, even less, bad.

Forging the cordon of Ukraine can create a military base of Russia

Oleksiy Gromov – the intercessor of the head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the ZSU – stating that Russia you can conquer the territory of Belarus beating the Ukrainian cordon for the creation of the military base. Let’s face it, the country-occupant, like a streak of waste, you can “posit” yoga among Belarusians.

Behind the words of Gromov, it is impossible to turn off the option that the Belarusians are victorious, for example, in Donetsk or Kherson directly.

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