The Federation Council assessed the status of EU candidates for Ukraine and Moldova

The status of an EU candidate for Ukraine and Moldova is a demagogic and senseless decision, the vice-speaker of the Federation Council believes Konstantin Kosachev.

“The decision is as demagogic as it is senseless, it will not have any practical consequences, except for additional channels for financing the “rapprochement” through EU programs and funds. However, there are still enough of them now, ”Kosachev noted in the telegram channel.

Candidate status is nothing more than a “certificate of compliance” with some “European standards” arbitrarily set by the EU, the senator argues.

“Given the real, catastrophic state of affairs with political, economic and humanitarian standards in Ukraine and Moldova, from now on “European standards”, like Bulgakov’s famous sturgeon, acquire the eternal status of “second freshness”. As eternal as the status of the candidates of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU,” he stated.

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