The expert told who delivered the largest amount of equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – UNIAN

Ukrainian soldiers received a lot of captured equipment.

photo UNIAN (Vyacheslav Ratynsky)

Until June 2022 the largest supplier weapons for the Ukrainian army were the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

This was announced by military expert Oleg Zhdanov on his YouTube channel.

So he answered the question of how much equipment Ukrainian fighters have captured since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia

“I can say for sure at the moment that until June, the Russian army was the largest supplier of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the capture of captured weapons,” Zhdanov said.

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The expert recalled how Ukrainian farmers pulled out stuck and abandoned equipment of the Russian troops with tractors.

“It was technically sound, it just didn’t have either shells or fuel, or the crew was just scared of our shelling and fled. We pulled it off and handed it over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This equipment fights very well, there are a very large number,” he said.

Previously, the analytical project Oryx, which collects information about the military losses of the parties during the war only according to visually confirmed data, calculated how much equipment Ukraine and Russia lost in battles.

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