The expert predicts a sharp drop in prices for used cars in Ukraine by winter

The worsening economic situation and the decline in incomes of citizens will lead to the fact that many owners will not be able to refuel and service their cars. Therefore, they will try to get rid of the cars as soon as possible.

Prices for used cars in Ukraine before the end of the year may drop sharply. Such a forecast voiced Yury Gaidai, senior economist at the Center for Economic Strategy (CES), on his Facebook page.

According to him, 1-1.5 million “extra” cars will accumulate in Ukraine by winter. Owners will be willing to sell them for almost any amount of money.

The economist calls the deterioration of the situation in the country the reason for the desire to get rid of the car. By the end of the year, the economy will fall by 30%, and the real incomes of citizens will also significantly decrease.

Even according to optimistic forecasts, 10% of car owners will not be able to maintain and refuel their cars. And this is about a million cars that can be put up for sale.


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In addition, hundreds of thousands of cars, whose owners have already left Ukraine, will appear on the secondary market. Also, do not forget about the thousands of cars from taxi companies, which are now standing on sites in Kyiv and the western regions of the country. According to Yuri Gaidai, only 2% of the entire vehicle fleet of Ukraine was destroyed during the hostilities.

In this situation and in conditions of a serious budget deficit, the economist proposes to stop stimulating the import of cars. An exception needs to be made only for vehicles for the APU.

Previously Focus reported that in Ukraine they allowed the import of cars for customs clearance through sea and river ports.

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