The exchange rate of the dollar and euro is 24 chernya – on the black market, in exchangers

Bank exchange rates

For danim “Minfinu”with a rate of 23 roubles, the exchange rate of the American dollar in Ukrainian banks is fluctuating on the level of the average UAH 35.00 for a dollar upon purchase (without change). Natomist to sell currency in banks for UAH 35.57 per dollar (+ 2 kopecks).

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Euro banks buy for UAH 36.63 (+ 2 kopecks), and sell on average for UAH 37.55 per euro (+ 5 kopecks);

Exchange rate in Ukraine

  • In the exchangers buy the US dollar in the average for UAH 35.30and sell – for UAH 35.47for tribute
  • The euro is fluctuating on the river: purchase – UAH 37.20 and sales – UAH 37.40.

Black market course

  • Buying a dollar on the black market in the middle market on the river UAH 35.30and sales – 35.40 hryvnia.
  • Euro sell by UAH 37.10but buy for 37.30 hryvnia.

More news from the world of finance

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain announced that approximately 15 thousand Russian dollar millionaires Mayut on the way to leave the territory of the aggressor power. We see two factors that play an important role in this process:

  • injecting sanctions into the Russian economy,
  • rozbіzhnіst s pozitієyu vlady schodo vyynі vіyni vіyni v Ukraіnі.

Also fix active migration of Russian traders from Switzerland to the business capital of the UAE. All through the sanctions, the official Geneva came through the sanctions through the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. One of the experts is concerned that these dynamics can change the role of the Close Gathering in the syrovine trade sector.

In addition, the first intercessor of the head of the NBU, Kateryna Rozhkova, told magayutsya vikoristati tactics 2014 roku schodo obіgu Ukrainian hryvnia in timchasovo swampy territories.

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