The European Council has adopted the text of the Visnovkiv about the status of a candidate for Ukraine

The document was published on the European website for the sake of approximately 10 pm. There was information, which was announced at the meeting.

Up to those And they said “you are divine, which will not be,” – Kuleba, guessing the difficult struggle for candidacy in the EU

If Ukraine can join the EU

Visnovka was ordered, the Rada recognizes the European perspective of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia. Okrim tsgogo, vyslovnest vpevnіnіst the fact that the future three kraїn and їhnіh hulks lie at the European Union.

The progress of the skin border on the way to the European Union is indebted due to the high merits of the Copenhagen Criteria Vikonan, taking to respect the building of the EU to bury new members,
– podkreslili in the text of the decision.

They explained that they gave the European Commission a stezhitime for winning minds, as if they were transferring applications for membership. If all you think will be more vikonan, I am glad to praise the decision about the farther steps. Tobto mozhut virishiti nadat Ukraine mozhlivist to become a full member of the EC.

Yakі think I will join the European Union

In order for Ukraine to come, it is necessary to implement a number of reforms, as they stand for economic development, as well as for the rule of law.

What are the main croques, as necessary:

  • reform of the Constitutional Court;
  • the continuation of the ship reform;
  • fight for the introduction of cats;
  • adherence to the anti-oligarchic law;
  • the fight against corruption, including the recognition of the SAP specialist;
  • uzgodzhennya audiovisual legislation z evropejskim;
  • change of legislation about national minorities.

What gives candidacy to the EU

On the 22nd chernya, Vice Premier of European Integration Olga Stefanishyna sent a message that we will think about it as an even more important political signal.

However, there are still great opportunities for economic development. Aje now Ukraine can earn money with EU funds to inspire a competitive economy and then after the war.

Let’s move on today, in fact, about hundreds of millions of euros, so that we can become accessible to us after the removal of our status,
– said the vice premier.

Why did the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, hang out with a song of fear? Vіn pіdkresliv, scho New institutional and budgetary architecture is needed. “This integration can become not a mark of the European Union, but a break-up, not a support for Ukraine, but a pasture for Ukraine,” the politician said. Prote it is important that by the end of the year you still supported the status of the candidate of our state and Moldova.

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