The economist said that the Russian Federation “reworked” the sanctions imposed against it

The probability that in 2022 the Russian economy will fall below 8.2% is low. About this to the correspondent IA REGNUM On June 24, said Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory of the Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanova Oleg Cherednichenko.

“Firstly, the imposed sanctions have been “reworked” by the Russian economy, and it is extremely unlikely that their influence will increase, even taking into account the development of the next packages, Cherednichenko said. — Secondly, the “shock” monetary restrictions imposed by the Russian authorities have been canceled and have received a reverse vector aimed at increasing output in the economy. Moreover, in addition to the lifting of restrictions, a number of growth initiatives have been added.”

In addition, according to Cherednichenko, it is obvious that in 2023 the Russian economy will grow. Particularly due to…

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