The court in the Czech Republic did not allow to see the Ukrainian Russian Franchetti, who was credited to the occupation of Crimea

The Czech law enforcement officers caught Franchetti at the spring of the past fate for the request of the Ukrainian services. Adam Venig explained to the journalists the reason for extradition to the journalists.

Respect The Czech Republic will not be seen by Russians and Belarusians until April 2023

Why did the Czech Republic induce the militant to extradite

In the opinion of the Czech servants of Themis, the Russian is not allowed to pass on to Ukraine through the military situation. Movlyav, tse can zavdat shkodi pіdozryuvanomu.

Looking back at the military situation in Ukraine, as well as the special situation around the question (Franchetti – Channel 24), there is a real threat of violation of the rights guaranteed by international treaties on the rights of people and fundamental freedoms,
– said the representative of the court.

Let’s see, the courts respect the priming of the battle that Oleksandr Franchetti should be reinvestigated and convicted of a criminal offense in Ukraine. They said that before anything else they could bring the Russian masses of the suspected that without intermediary fate to the fighting actions on the side of the pro-Russian separatists.

Why do Franchetti ring?

The evildoer arrived to Sevastopol just before the occupation of the brewery. Vіn waited a while to come to the Crimean pro-Russian “self-defense”. For the tribute of our special services, in the lava of this grouping of people, zokrema, having strangled the support of the pro-Ukrainian population in the region.

Also, they formed a group of Russian exploration “Pivnichny wind”. Today, he gave instructions to 11 members of the organization, and handed over the selected information to the command of the military-naval forces of Russia.

The Russian was caught at the airport

If Russia has sufficiently established its “power” on the breeding grounds, Franchetti will sound vtik. Nevdovzі became aware that the Kremlin’s moving back to the Czech Republic, de alive іz 2000 rock. Vin pretended to be a blogger and an inveterate critic of the Putin regime.

In 2019, not only the Ukrainian special services, but also the Czech ones became a character. Already on 12 September 2021, on the basis of a warrant from Ukraine, a Russian was caught at the airport in Prague. Our MZS told the coming day that already Vede removini about the transfer of the action movie Ukraine.

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