The court began to look at the first right about the valuation at the hour of the war: the meetings will be closed

The prosecutor’s office is calling the occupier from the damaged forces of the war. The Russian, having shot the bagman of the village of Bogdanivka and the trich, having killed the retinue of the beaten man. Narazi Romanova judged in absentia. Chi is alive wine – it’s unbelievably unimaginable.

Up to those In Ukraine, the deaths of over 12,000 civilian deaths are already being investigated, 2% of them are children

At the birch in the social services there was information about those that Mikhailo Romanov died at the end of the war, but the prosecutor’s office did not know what confirmation. Tozh narazі judge yogo, like a living one, even in absentia.

What is known about the evils of the occupier

On the 9th of September, the largest deputy of the municipality, Brovary Oleksiy Zdorovets, that yogo squad felt they had built their private booth near the yard. Friendship went to the street and a group of Russian soldiers roared. It was reported that the Russian guardsmen had shot their dog, the Alabai, that was under the door. Those Russians said that they didn’t know that people here didn’t want anything nasty.

The retinue of the beaten Oleksiy said good health that the commander of the group had come to them at the door, calling himself Mikhail Romanov. Vіn buv p’yanim and chіplyavsya to the wife. Having rummaged around at the car, Health, I knew the camouflage jacket, roared and let the automatic line over the man’s head. Ale, a couple overran the occupants, what equipment for airsoft and ti went.

But in the evening Romanov turned to one more comrade in the service. Zdorovets pіshov vіdchinyati gates, and yoga team went down to the boiler room, de spav tririchny blue.

Then I felt like shooting on the street, and then the crumbs were already in the booth. Meni shout: “Vilaz!” I feed: “De my man?” The same axis of this man in black uniforms seems to be: “You don’t have more man, you’ve got a Nazi, that I shot Yogo”,
– the woman said.

Viyskovy in black uniforms threatening you, that if you make a noise, then the stench will show the trieric synovy “like mother’s little huts are spreading in the hut.” Zgodom Romanov having punished the widows to loosen up, after which the warriors for the sake of calling її, trimming the gun to beat the head. Then the stench went away, and then the girls turned around and greeted the woman again. Once upon a time, the stench turned p’yanimi.

Soon the stench turned already on the beddings of drunkenness, which did not trim on their feet, pissed right into the booth and vreshti-resht sat in the armchairs, and fell asleep,
– I guess I suffered.

If the Russians fell asleep, the woman took her son, who had been at the boiler house all the time, she flowed out of the house. The next day, she zoomed in on the territory controlled by Ukraine, and she gave information to the police and told about those that had happened.

The Security Service of Ukraine has filed criminal charges for the statement of the victim, and she knew the side of Mikhail Romanov in social networks. The victim recognized Romanov in the photo. 22 birch, if Brovary was still paid, the prosecutor’s office voted in absentia Romanov pіdozra the ruined ruled that zvichaїv vіyni – to the zhorstokomu stavlennі to the peaceful population, poednago іz vybivstvo. On suspicion, it was stated that Romanov herself shot Zdorovtsya. When the team of the beaten man told the journalists that the beaten man knew not Romanov, but his comrade in service.

In addition, as the socialist organizations began to spread information about the death of Romanov, the SBU filed a lawsuit before the court about those who continued their service in their military part, as the city moved from Ukraine to Belarus, and relocated to the countryside to Belarus. The prosecutor’s office sent the Russian pidozra through votsap: on yogo number and the phone number of the squad.

How do you try court

The preparation of the hearing at the right of Romanov began at the Solomyansky court on 23 chervnia. The prosecutors appeared there, the lawyer of the victim Tetyana Korenchuk and defender of the accused Andriy Domansky. This is the fate of the day when he kidnapped the editor-in-chief of the RIA Novosti Ukraine publication, Kyrylo Vishinsky, who is accused by the government. In 2019, Vishinsky Buv is one of the quiet ones whom Russia exchanged for Ukrainian politics.

The team of Zdorovtsya took part in the sittings remotely. Z urahuvan security, її disguise was not shown on the screen. The prosecutor’s office and the lawyer of the victim were asked to conduct a trial in a closed regime, the shards on the right are slandered against the statutory freedom and inadequacy, and the lawyer of the accused is supported. The judges were satisfied with the noise. The journalists were escorted out of the hall, and after the court the prosecutor Oksana Kalyus revealed what was going on there.

The prosecutor’s office filed a klopotannya about vyklik before Romanov’s trial. You should understand that you won’t appear in court, but formality is necessary. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, only in that case, if you don’t come to the meeting, the court can legally look right without it. The judges were pleased with the fuss and voiced the break.

Vaughn added that at the beginning of the hour, the investigation of the law enforcement officers disproved the information from the social services about the death of Romanov in battles, but did not know the confirmation. I, as if such data were declared raptly, they should be reconsidered with a proper rank and praised as a procedural decision. It seems like a consequence of the fact that Romanov is alive and rebuying in Russia.

Lawyers do not comment on the right

  • The judiciary’s lawyer, Andriy Domanskyi, commented on the right, referring to those who are closing the process. At the same time, having declared that, for the Constitution, no one can be acquitted until the decision of the court. Before the word, Domansky is a lawyer for confessions, he does not have an agreement with Romanov. Romanov is not able to inspire you.
  • The lawyer of the victim, Tetyana Korenchuk, also reacted to the comments, referring to those that the client was against talking to journalists. Prosecutor Oksana Kalyus said that she had suffered at the same time in a difficult psychological state.
  • Romanov himself did not comment on the call and did not declare himself. The mustache of the yoga side of the social networks is gone.

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