The confectioner creates desserts at the sight of fruits, which is important to cheer up at the right hostile photos

The 36-year-old chef-cook of the confectionery company Le Meurice near Paris won the favor of thousands of people from all over the world with his unique desserts.

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The confectioner is not abusive, and masterfully creates desserts at the sight of fruits, as it is very important to taste the right apples and peaches.

Cedric Grolet is one of the leaders of the modern French confectionery industry. A man succumbed to the kitchen from the 12th century. With skin rock, the cooks have learned their knowledge. In 2013, he became a pastry chef at a restaurant with three Michelin stars by Alain Dukas, and in 2017, having released the book “Fruits”, he sold out more for the first week of circulation.

In 2018, the name of Cedric’s bakery was opened near Paris, so that guests can taste some delicious delicious desserts. The confectioner terribly dies at his right, and constantly marvels at his addicts with delicious desserts at the sight of fruits.

Now my portfolio is a sidebar on Instagram, for which over 2 million people are already being followed. The robotic wines have victorious forms, but the final touch must be done by hand. All pasta Cedric is prepared with fruit fillings, including natural fruits. Deyakі iz them even rіdkіsnі, to butt, black lemon can be known only in Australia.

How the French confectioner, having charmed thousands of people from all over the world, marvel at our good ones.

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