The car of the collaborator Dmytro Savluchenko was taken away from Kherson: he died

About the death of the collaborator, it became known to the 24 chern. Sergiy Khlan, head of the Kherson regional administration, called the liquidation of Savluchenko “overcoming the Ukrainian partisans.”

Our partisans have one more victory – Dmytro Savluchenko, “the head of the Department of Sims, Youth and Sports” of the occupational department of the Kherson ACC, has been driven in. A pro-Russian activist and health guard was kicked in a car in one of the yards of Kherson,
– rozpoviv official.

Vin zapevniv, what will it be like with the skin healer of Ukraine.

Respectfully, the Russian occupiers confirmed that Savluchenko, having perished in the aftermath of the “terrorist attack”,

The novelty is added

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