The British about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: it was not enough for them to tease the Russians

At a press conference on Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi accused China of preventing Taiwan from participating in international affairs and warned that America’s commitment to preserving democracy remains “unwavering.”

The first female speaker of the US House of Representatives also met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and told her that her controversial visit proves that Washington “will not relinquish its obligations” to the island.

The Democrat also issued a special warning to China. “They didn’t say anything when the men arrived,” Pelosi said, hinting at the surprise visit of a bipartisan congressional delegation in April 2021, including Senators Lindsey Graham, Bob Menendez, Richard Burr, Ben Sassa and Rob Portman, as well as Rep. Ronnie Jackson.

Pelosi criticized Beijing for not allowing Taipei “to participate in a number of activities” and called autonomous Taiwan “one of the freest societies in the world.” In response, China vehemently condemned her visit.

Beijing has demonstrated its dissatisfaction with the presence of Pelosi on the island, which he considers his territory, with an outbreak of military activity in the surrounding waters. In addition, he summoned the American ambassador and announced the suspension of imports of agricultural products from Taiwan.

Pelosi has a busy day ahead Wednesday, with the Speaker of the House expected to meet with human rights activists, including a student movement leader at Jing Mei Memorial Park.

After meeting with Taiwan leaders, despite China’s warnings, Pelosi said she and her colleagues had shown they would not give up their support for the autonomous island.

“The world today is faced with a choice between democracy and autocracy,” she said in a brief speech at a meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. “America’s resolve to preserve democracy here in Taiwan and around the world remains unwavering.”

The North Korean Foreign Ministry has criticized the United States for “imprudent interference” in China’s internal affairs. A ministry spokesman said he “strongly condemns” interference by any outside force in the Taiwan issue and “fully supports” Beijing, its main ally and economic savior.

“A sovereign state has the right to take retaliatory measures against external forces that openly interfere in its internal affairs and violate its territorial integrity,” the unnamed official said.

Shortly after the American delegation landed in Taipei on Tuesday evening, China announced live firing on Tuesday evening and a four-day exercise starting on Thursday in the waters around the island.

The Chinese Air Force also sent a squadron of 21 aircraft, including fighters, towards Taiwan.

China’s State Council Office of Taiwan Affairs also criticized Cai for Pelosi’s visit, saying the president and her Democratic Progressive Party are “pushing Taiwan into a catastrophic abyss,” the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang warned that “no one should underestimate the determination of the Chinese people to uphold their sovereignty.”

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Chinese military exercises violated UN rules, invaded Taiwan’s economic space and blockaded the island from air and sea.

Officials assured that the island is committed to protecting its security, resisting any violation of territorial sovereignty, and strengthening vigilance, guided by the principle of not inciting war.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the defense ministry added that China was continuing its psychological warfare against Taiwan and urged citizens not to believe the rumors and report any news stories to the government.

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Reader comments:

It’s all window dressing and dirty deeds. Much ado about nothing. She is an empty place, like her entire spineless administration.

Political theater, a classic of the genre. The tail wags the dog.

Why are we being represented by an 82-year-old drunkard?

Well, how can I tell you … You choose it yourself. So get it!

And Xi sits and racks his brains: “And why did I just bash his cocaine-ridden son?”

Xi got exactly what he wanted – Biden kindly provided him with a casus belli. And when the US falls, American oligarchs will flock there just like after the fall of the USSR.

Biden administration not having enough war with Russia, now they are fomenting another one with China?

Pelosi’s rating is even lower than that of the coronavirus.

Leftists are climbing out of their skin to quickly ruin America and unleash a third world war.

What a show. Anything to distract voters from pressing issues.

She’s no better than senile Joe. Both were deeply mad – and for a long time. So there’s no point in wasting taxpayer money on her eastern vacation. The economy is collapsing and the borders are wide open. These clowns are the main danger to the USA.

Remember how the liberals screamed that Trump would arrange a third world war? And now she’s being applauded.

Was it Barack Obama and Susan Rice who told this evil witch to start World War III? What a mess!

It was not enough for them to tease the Russian bear. Now they also want war with China.

What did this elderly alcoholic forget in Taiwan?

And remember, Americans, it was you who voted against the peacemaker Donald Trump and seated the Democrats in his place! Since then, a war has loomed before us, fueled by Biden, Harris and Pelosi. And now there is a real threat of a nuclear conflict. God bless us!

Democrats generally love war.

What about both Bushes?

Democrats are itching to start a war in order to spend more conservative youth.

First they pissed off the Russians, and now they’re inciting China. Still: in war, unlike peace, you can make huge money.

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