The bill on the technical inspection of the house before the overhaul was submitted to the State Duma

A bill establishing the relationship between the timing of the overhaul and the actual technical condition of an apartment building was submitted to the State Duma by deputies from United Russia Sergey Pakhomov, Pavel Kachkaev and Anatoly Vybornyreports the correspondent IA REGNUM June 24.

In 2012, a major overhaul program was launched, under which owners are required to pay regular contributions, the authors recalled.

“But, as statistics show, there has not been less emergency housing and currently about 19 million square meters of housing are recognized as emergency. The temporary resettlement program has become a permanent mechanism,” the accompanying materials say.

This situation, according to the authors, arose due to the lack of reliable information about the technical condition of apartment buildings, which, in turn, …

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