The beginning of the season outside the cordon, some Ukrainian students will be able to accept Polish schools

As the vice minister of education Tomasz Zzymkowski said, the new head of the Polish school could take up to 400 thousand children from Ukraine. Prote official thinks that there will be fewer Ukrainian scientists.

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I respect that there won’t be 400 thousand, maybe you won’t have 200 thousand – just like that at once – these children in the Polish system of education. There are a lot of officials, yakі vіd we can’t lie around the situation in Ukraine,
added Zhimkovsky.

Let’s guess, about 200,000 children from Ukraine signed up to the Polish foundations of enlightenment. Kindergartens received 40 thousand children, primary schools – about 140 thousand, zagalnosvetni mortgages – 20 thousand.

And at the same time, children from Ukraine, like Polish schoolchildren, have access to summer camps – like a vision, so a day’s re-buying. The school leaders organized special training classes for young Ukrainians.

Crimea, the government of Poland is ready to change to the law. Update to allow practicing Ukrainian teachers, but the shards of none of the dvomovny staff.

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