The Baltic countries will be asked to increase the NATO contingent on their territory because of the Russian Federation, – The Times

An authoritative British publication published an editorial in which it spoke in favor of replenishing the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Baltics. Journalists also believe that the time has come to increase the capacity of the military industry.

At the next NATO summit, which will be held in Madrid from June 28 to 30, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will ask for an increase in the contingent of allies on their territory due to the ever-growing threat from the Russian Federation. About it reported edition of The Times in its editorial column.

In particular, the Baltic countries hope for permanent bases of the military-political bloc on their territory, and not in the order of rotation of units, as is happening now.

“This may be a violation of the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, but Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has already violated the main principle of this act – the resolution of differences by peaceful means,” the article says.

Journalists of the authoritative British media also expressed their support for the replenishment of the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Baltics.

With the Russian army busy in Ukraine, it’s time to bolster NATO forces in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to provide a credible deterrent.

Strengthening the capacities of the military industry

As the editors of the newspaper emphasize, the leading military powers of the North Atlantic Alliance need to immediately strengthen their military-industrial complex. The events in Ukraine have clearly demonstrated that the capacities of the military industry of the bloc countries are not enough for a major war. Journalists explain that one of the reasons for the constant delays in the supply of Western weapons to Kyiv is directly that in many states, because of this, there is a shortage of weapons for their own armies.

“The United States, for example, has already supplied Ukraine with 7,000 Javelin missiles, that is, a third of its stocks. At the same time, Lockheed Martin [американская военно-промышленная корпорация, производящая “Джавелины”] can produce only 2.1 thousand missiles per year,” the newspaper writes.

Even the annual production of ammunition in the United States is unlikely to cover two weeks of hostilities in Ukraine, the journalists add.

As another example, The Times recalls a British exercise last year when the army ran out of ammunition in eight days.

At the same time, such a build-up of military power in the NATO countries will require huge investments, which will need to be found in the conditions of the global economic crisis. “Nevertheless, national security issues are more important than this, the journalists emphasize.

Earlier, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that with the current NATO plans to defend against a Russian attack, the country will disappear from the political map, and the historical center of Tallinn will be destroyed to the ground. Existing NATO defense plans for the defense of the three Baltic countries assume that this territory can be captured and subsequently liberated within 180 days.

Recall that at the military exercises of the RF Armed Forces before the NATO summit missile attacks on Estonia are being practiced.

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