The baby died in an accident in Ingushetia

A traffic accident occurred in Ingushetia, as a result of which a child died, a woman was taken to the hospital with injuries. On the fact of an accident, a criminal case was initiated on violation of traffic rules, which negligently caused the death of a person. The suspect in the death of a baby was placed in a temporary detention center, the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on June 23.

The incident occurred on June 22 in the city of Nazran. The driver of the car ran into the fence of a private house, as a result he received injuries incompatible with life, a child born in 2022. In addition, a passenger car was hospitalized in the traumatology department of the IRKB.

“The driver of the Lada Granta car, having lost control, hit a brick fence of a private household located on the street. Mochiev. As a result of an accident, a minor (born in 2022) passenger of the “Grants” died from injuries received while being delivered to …

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