The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already liberated 53 settlements in the Kherson region

At the same time, the acting head of the Regional Military District does not recommend that residents of the liberated settlements return due to constant shelling.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually moving forward in the Kherson region / photo:

On the Kherson region The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already liberated 53 settlements from the invaders.

This was announced by the acting head of the Kherson regional military administration Dmitry Butriy on the air of the national telethon.

“Today, 53 settlements have already been officially confirmed that have been liberated. We submit this information only when it is agreed with the General Staff. Because the military is still carrying out certain demining actions until complete liberation,” Butrim said.

He noted that almost the entire de-occupied territory is subjected to constant shelling by Russians of residential buildings, infrastructure facilities, schools, and the situation in these villages is catastrophic.

“Of course, we do not recommend people to return, because they put their lives in serious danger,” Butrim stressed.

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War in Ukraine: current data

Russian troops focused on the capture of Donbass.

Enemy led offensives in the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the assaults in the areas of Yakolovka, Vershina, Kodema and Travnevoy. In the area of ​​Bakhmut and Zaitsevo, hostilities continue.

The offensive of the Russians in the Avdeevka area was also reflected. Fights go near Sands.

According to the head of the Luhansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai, the occupiers still cannot capture two unconquered villages in the region. The humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories is getting worse.

Meanwhile, according to SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko, The Russian Federation is building up forces for an offensive in the south and the capture of Odessa and Nikolaev.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War noted that the enemy exposes the Slavic direction, concentrating on the southern defensive line. This will probably allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive in the Izyum direction.

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